BESTIA Tranquility to an agitated heart

Bestia поддержка сердца при стрессе
Бестия спокойствие взволнованному сердцу
бестия успокоительное
Бестия таблетки

Supporting the heart under stress

Calming effect without loss of activity

A balance of calm and activity

For those who experience heart pain from stress

«My heart is tearing up, jumping out of my chest» is what we say when we describe our excitement. Indeed, for many people, intense anxiety causes discomfort in the heart area. It pounds, presses, tingles…..


In such cases, it is important to have a sedative on hand to support the heart and relieve coronary spasm.


The name of the complex Bestia Serenity to an agitated heart eloquently defines the essence of its action.

Bestia Calm to an agitated heart - a sedative to support the heart

Stress «finds» a weak link in the human body, which is targeted. And if the cardiovascular system is particularly vulnerable, for example, due to heredity, it is not surprising that grief, anxiety, resentment, fatigue, frustration are immediately reflected in the heart.


He urgently needs reliable support!


For this purpose, the remedy Bestia Calm to an agitated heart – capsules for the nervous system and heart – was created. This complex helps to normalize an accelerated heartbeat, strengthen the heart muscle and dilate coronary vessels, and at the same time – to reduce anxiety and irritability.

Ускоренное высвобождение действующих веществ Bestia

Accelerated release of active ingredients

Сверхточная дозировка Bestia

Ultra-precise dosing

Доставка ингредиентов адресно в нервные клетки Bestia

Delivery of ingredients targeted to nerve cells

Защита ингредиентов от агрессивного воздействия желудочного сока Bestia

Protection of ingredients from the aggressive effects of gastric juice

Active ingredients for heart support

Bestia Calm to an Agitated Heart includes botanical ingredients:

Valerian extract reduces the excitability of the central nervous system, has a calming and mild antispasmodic effect, as well as helps to slow the accelerated heartbeat, strengthen the heart muscle and dilate the coronary vessels.

Passiflora extract helps in normalizing the functions of the nervous system, alleviates symptoms of stress (anxiety, irritability), improves mood and sleep quality.

The menthol from peppermint essential oil helps relax muscles, moderately stimulate the nervous system, reduce stress and anxiety levels, and reduce stomach and muscle cramps.

All these components are linked into a single complex where they enhance each other’s effects. In addition, they are packaged in microscopic lipo-spheres, which have a lipid (fatty) shell similar in structure to the membrane of a living cell, so they are well perceived by the body. As a result, this heart sedative has a fully predictable and fairly rapid action.

One capsule to calm the nerves and support the heart

Another advantage of Bestia Calm to an Agitated Heart Complex is that it does not need to be taken in a long course to achieve its effect. It is recommended to take 1-2 tablets a day as needed.

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