BESTIA A restful sleep

BESTIA Спокойный сон способствует засыпанию
Бестия спокойный сон в капсулах
бестия успокоительное
Бестия улучшает сон

Promotes sleep

Normalizes sleep

Provides an invigorating wake-up call

For those whose sleep is affected by stress

Worry, anxiety, sad thoughts and nervous tension prevent many people from sleeping at night. Because of constant stress, we can’t sleep for a long time, wake up in the middle of the night, fall asleep in the morning and then feel broken all day long….


If this applies to you too, then try a simple and reliable sleep sedative – Bestia Calm Sleep.

Bestia Calm Sleep is a good sleeping pill

The distinctive feature of Bestia Calm Sleep is that this complex does not «force» a person to pass out at night, but normalizes sleep: it promotes falling asleep, normalizes sleep phases. Valerian, B vitamins and magnesium help to overcome hyperexcitability of the central nervous system and return to normal the amount of «stress hormones». A person stops being nervous, irritated, calms down, so it is easier to fall asleep.


Additionally, this is aided by melatonin, a natural substance that promotes rapid falling asleep, uninterrupted and deep sleep with easy awakening in the morning.

Ускоренное высвобождение действующих веществ Bestia

Accelerated release of active ingredients

Сверхточная дозировка Bestia

Ultra-precise dosing

Доставка ингредиентов адресно в нервные клетки Bestia

Delivery of ingredients targeted to nerve cells

Защита ингредиентов от агрессивного воздействия желудочного сока Bestia

Protection of ingredients from the aggressive effects of gastric juice

If insomnia bothers you often, it means that stress has already gone far. In this case, it is better to take not just sleeping pills, but a remedy that still normalizes the state of the nervous system.

Help you sleep and calm your nerves

Bestia Calm Sleep is two in one: a sedative and a remedy for a sound and healthy sleep. The complex can be taken by adults, including the elderly, to put in order the frayed nerves and sleep well. At the same time Bestia Calm Sleep helps to reduce fatigue, restore the body during a night’s sleep, gives energy, vigor and improves mood.


The effects of this product are ensured thanks to modern liposomal technology, with the help of which all active ingredients from the capsule are delivered directly into living cells without loss and are easily put to work.

For this purpose, Bestia Calm Sleep contains such components:

Melatonin. This is a hormone that is formed in the body during darkness and helps a person fall asleep quickly, sleep longer and better all night, and wake up easily in the morning.

Valerian extract. It has a calming effect in case of tension and fatigue, reduces the time of falling asleep.

Magnesium and vitaminB6. Protect the nervous system from stress, reduce their negative impact. Vitamin B6 increases the synthesis of serotonin, the deficiency of which leads to sleep disorders.

B vitamins (B12,B9,B1,B2). Normalize the state of the nervous system, complement and enhance the effect of each other and other components. Thus, vitamin B12 improves the synthesis of melatonin, and B9 helps to wake up with a feeling of vigor.

One capsule for a good night's sleep

Bestia Calm Sleep is a sedative useful for sound sleep, available in pharmacies and specialized online stores without a prescription. To ensure that the action of this complex was optimal, it is recommended to take it about 1 hour before bedtime, 1 capsule. This dosage should not be increased, and there is no need.


Just one capsule of Bestia Calm Sleep helps you calm down, sleep soundly through the morning, and feel rested and full of energy upon awakening.

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