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After a long period of stress, this drug was a real salvation for me. I recommend Bestia to everyone who is looking for calmness without drowsiness. By the way, you can take while driving, Bestia does not depress the nervous system and maintains concentration and attention.

Oksana N.

Bestia has proven to be a really effective drug for anxiety and stress. After regular use, I have noticed a significant relief in my emotional state. Thank you for such a wonderful product.

Alexander M.


I can’t help but share my experience of using the sedative drug Bestia. It helped me to calm my nerves and focus on everyday activities. When you drink a capsule, after 2 minutes you can feel the calmness spreading through your body. I feel better, I am no longer nervous and can work calmly.

Alina P.

The calming drug Bestia has exceeded all my expectations. Dealing with stress and anxiety has always been a challenge for me and I have tried many medications, but none of them had such a noticeable result.


Immediately after starting this medication, I noticed significant relief. My anxiety gradually became less and less intense, and stressful situations seemed less of a challenge. What particularly struck me was the natural formula of the drug with no negative effects on my health, no drowsiness or lethargy.


After a few weeks of using Bestia, I felt a significant improvement in my emotional state. I began to feel more balanced, calm and centered. Thanks to this medicine, I was able to enjoy the everyday moments of life again without thinking about stress or anxiety.


Bestia really helps to calm the nerves and feel truly calm. I recommend this product to anyone looking for an effective way to combat stress and anxiety.

Oleg O.

Lately I’ve been nervous a lot, and then I started having insomnia. I used to come to work tense and sleepless. The pharmacy recommended the sedative “Bestia Calm and Active” together with the sleeping pill Bestia.

I started taking it in combination – sedatives during the day and sleeping pills at night. I started to feel much better, my anxiety went away, my sleep improved. And most importantly, the sedative Bestia has no sedative effect, does not “slow down”, it is absolutely safe to take during the day, normal work, driving a car is not a problem at all. With Bestia I feel calm and balanced. I recommend it to anyone who wants to calm down.

Natalia K.

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