Stresses in the family and how to avoid them

Семейный стресс

Our life is full of stresses, there is no escape from them even where we should feel most comfortable – at home, within the walls of our family. What are the reasons for this, how to understand that stresses in the family are present and how to neutralize them?

Causes of family stress

One of the main causes of stress in family life is mutual misunderstanding, rejection, disagreement with the position of the partner. A wife accuses her husband of not earning enough, and her spouse reproaches her for being a spender. She complains that he does not devote time to her, spending the weekend watching sports TV, and he blames her habit of spending hours on the phone with girlfriends. Such factors create a lot of reasons for mutual reproaches and worries. And if conflicts break out in front of the children, it becomes a strong stress for them.

Living conditions are also common stressors in the family. If 3-5 people are forced to live in a one-room apartment, where none of them has personal space, it inevitably creates a constant stressful situation. Objective factors of family stress include traumas, health problems of close people, infertility in marriage, and cases of adultery.

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Signs of stressful situations in the family

Day after day, chronic stress undermines our health and leads to the development of various diseases. However, we get used to the routine of everyday life and often do not realize that we are constantly in a state of such destructive stress. However, there are signs that may suggest that this is the case.

If you do not want to go home after work, and when you return there there is a deaf and seemingly unreasonable irritation, it means that there is something wrong in your family. A sign of stress can be aggressiveness towards loved ones, when you often raise your voice at them, scold them. The other side of the same coin – sadness and apathy, complete lack of desire to talk to them.

Stress in the family, like any other stress, is usually indicated by increased anxiety, restlessness, nervousness, irregular heart rhythm, sleep problems, discomfort in the stomach, etc. At first, stress is manifested only by “nerves”, but over time it is bound to be reflected on a physical level – gastritis develops, insomnia, pains in the heart area appear.

In severe cases, stress can lead to depression. In this state, a person is no longer happy with the things that used to give pleasure, he or she has thoughts that no one needs him or her, that his or her life has no meaning. This is a serious signal that it is time to seek medical help.

How to avoid family stress

  1. Stresses in the family are inevitable and it is impossible to get rid of them. However, you can change your attitude to traumatic situations – try to let them go and not take them to heart. Do not get angry if you are not satisfied with something, but try to express your complaints gently, perhaps even in the form of an offensive joke.
  2. Do not let family conflicts flare up, extinguish them by giving in to your soul mate where you can, or simply ignoring the claims. In other words, either immediately agree with what is demanded of you, or walk away from the conversation until your partner “cools down”.
  3. Smile more often at yourself in the mirror and at those around you. This extinguishes the negative energy of the quarrel, helps to communicate more kindly and constructively.
  4. Even if the situation is out of the ordinary, don’t immediately react with shouting and a hail of accusations. Close your eyes for a few minutes, take a few deep breaths, think about what you are saying, and then speak.
  5. It is necessary to radically fight stress in the family if you realize that you want to break off the relationship with your partner, and even more so if domestic violence is involved. In such cases, divorce can be a solution to the problem.
  6. There are excellent medications available in pharmacies to help you cope with stress, such as the Bestia line of sedatives. And there are complexes that mainly affect the body system that is most affected by stress: Bestia Calm and Active, Bestia Calm to an agitated heart, Bestia Calm in the stomach, Bestia Calm Sleep and Bestia Melatonin (also for normalizing sleep).
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