BESTIA Melatonin

BESTIA Мелатонін
бестия мелатонин таблетки
бестия успокоительное

Regulates daily rhythms of sleep and activity

Improves sleep

Has a pronounced antioxidant effect

Contributes to the improvement of the immune system

BESTIA melatonin

Human life follows a «biological clock». They are controlled by the «sleep hormone» melatonin, which is responsible for our sleep and wakefulness. If for various reasons (bright night lighting, work in night shifts, frequent air travel with a change of time zones, etc.) melatonin synthesis is disturbed, Bestia Melatonin capsules will help to compensate for its deficiency.

Melatonin regulates circadian rhythms of sleep and wakefulness

Melatonin is the transmitter of impulses from the biological clock in the brain to all organs of the body. Its synthesis begins at nightfall and stops after sunrise – this is how it regulates the human circadian cycle. However, in today’s urbanized world, this centuries-old mechanism is broken: intense night lighting in cities does not allow melatonin to be produced in the right amounts.


This has an extremely negative effect on the duration and depth of sleep, and disrupts its phases.

Ускоренное высвобождение действующих веществ Bestia

Accelerated release of active ingredients

Сверхточная дозировка Bestia

Ultra-precise dosing

Доставка ингредиентов адресно в нервные клетки Bestia

Delivery of ingredients targeted to nerve cells

Защита ингредиентов от агрессивного воздействия желудочного сока Bestia

Protection of ingredients from the aggressive effects of gastric juice

Bestia Melatonin - melatonin for sleep in capsules

In the evening, the diffused light from street lamps and advertising boards suppresses melatonin secretion. To avoid this, it is important to put down thick curtains or blinds over the bedroom window at night. Another option is to take melatonin before bedtime. There are many such preparations in pharmacies, but mostly they are pills. And Bestia Melatonin is available in capsules, and created by modern liposomal technology, which increases its digestibility several times, and therefore – and the strength of the action.

For insomnia and anxiety

Melatonin is not only a sleep regulator, but also a «conductor» in other biological functions. For example, it counteracts stress in a similar way to antidepressants and promotes adaptation to changing conditions that stress us.


Taking Bestia Melatonin will not only help you fall asleep when darkness falls, but will also help you overcome sleep disorders, irritability, improve your mood, increase your ability to concentrate and vitality in general.

If a person doesn’t get enough sleep, works at night, or travels by air with frequent jet lag, the synthesis of melatonin may be impaired. This hormone is formed in the brain with the onset of darkness and helps us fall asleep, and it also regulates the cycles of sleep and wakefulness. In addition, in the fall and winter, this substance helps us more easily tolerate seasonal depression. Bestia Melatonin contains only it. This complex is suitable for people who have a moderate impact of stress on insomnia.


All Bestia complexes are gelatin capsules. This modern form of release is more convenient for many people than traditional stress pills, as the capsules slip easily into the esophagus and are easy to swallow.


Choose «your» Bestia complex – and stress will be no problem for you!

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