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Stimulation of the normal functioning of the nervous system

Reducing anxiety

Reducing stress levels

BESTIA – Balance of rest and activity

If you are constantly waiting for bad news, flinch at unexpected sounds, worry even though you cannot change anything, get easily irritated and snap at your loved ones, then it is very likely that you are experiencing prolonged stress. It is imperative to fight it, otherwise its destructive consequences will lead to the emergence of a whole «bouquet» of ailments.

All diseases are really “from nerves”!


The Bestia Calm and Activity complex will help you calm down, control yourself, and think and act correctly.

Bestia Calm and active - a sedative with complex action

which includes the following active substances: phospholipids, which are part of the structure of nerve cells and reduce the synthesis of the stress hormone cortisol, magnesium citrate and vitamin B6, which help to get rid of anxiety, and peppermint essential oil, which promotes relaxation. It seems to be a simple composition, but the trick is in its synergy – thanks to the mutual reinforcement of the effect, the activity of each component is twice as high as if they acted separately.


Bestia Calm and active helps to put your nerves in order and at the same time maintain composure and concentration. After taking it, there is no feeling of lethargy. On the contrary, depression and anxiety are replaced by vigor and improved mood.

Ускоренное высвобождение действующих веществ Bestia

Accelerated release of active ingredients

Сверхточная дозировка Bestia

Precise dosing

Доставка ингредиентов адресно в нервные клетки Bestia

Targeted delivery of ingredients to nerve cells

Защита ингредиентов от агрессивного воздействия желудочного сока Bestia

Protection of ingredients from the aggressive effects of gastric juice

If stress is manifested mainly by the fact that a person is nervous, irritated, and constantly anxious, then he or she should take a course of Bestia Calm and Active.

The Bestia complex includes Calm and Activity:

Phospholipids (phosphatidylserine and phosphatidylcholine) are natural substances that are normally found in the structure of nerve cells, i.e. neurons in the brain. They promote good mood, help to memorize and process information, and give the brain energy. In addition, phosphatidylserine also reduces the synthesis of the stress hormone cortisol.

Magnesium and vitaminB6. This combination is a classic of nervous system protection. Magnesium citrate, which is well absorbed and effective, and vitamin B6, which is a stress-relieving vitamin, help you stay calm in any situation.

Peppermint essential oil gently stimulates the nervous system and at the same time helps to relax spasmodic muscles.

Sedative Bestia Calm and Active helps to stop being nervous, but does not make a person sleepy and inhibited. They remain cheerful and full of energy.

Calming pills or capsules?

In a state of high anxiety, many people look for reliable nerves and stress pills. However, this traditional form of release is losing out to more modern capsules. It takes a long time for a pill to dissolve and be absorbed in the digestive system after taking it. In addition, many over-the-counter sedative pills would have to be taken over a long period of time to have an effect.


Everything is different with Bestia Calm and Active!


This complex contributes to a tangible result when stress should be stopped literally immediately. The fact is that this sedative is available in the form of innovative liposomal capsules. The components of Bestia Calm and Activity are packaged in microscopic spheres with a lipid membrane similar to the membrane of a living nervous system cell. These spheres easily penetrate cells along with active substances and start working immediately. Thanks to liposomal technology, the bioavailability of each component of Bestia Calm increases by 3 times! This is an indisputable advantage over sedative pills.

For anxiety and neurosis

Bestia Calm and Activity is a good solution for such consequences of stress as increased anxiety, fatigue, loss of strength and other manifestations of neurosis. Nerve cells are regenerating, and Bestia Calm and Activity helps this process!


It helps to regain lost mental balance, improves brain function, protects it, and at the same time gives strength and energy.

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