Preventing the occurrence of stress

Профилактика стресса

The character of the anecdote, answering the interlocutor’s question about how he relaxes, says: “I don’t stress!” On the one hand, this is great – there are no stresses in his life. But on the other hand, it is boring and monotonous. We need stresses, but short and not strong, helping to better adapt to the changing circumstances of life. But with constant and exhausting stresses we need to fight.

What is stress?

Stress is an involuntary reaction of the body to various factors. It can be both positive and negative. For example, a person fell in love and from this lost sleep and appetite. Such stress will not last long and will not harm the body. If insomnia is a consequence of constant problems at work, it will not go away by itself – it can last for years. And if nothing is done, over time, such a chronic sleep disorder will lead to frequent headaches, high blood pressure, etc.

Signs and consequences of stress

It is quite difficult for a person to recognize the presence of stress, to determine its strength and duration. How to realize that it is already time to look for methods of stress prevention?

Clues can be changes in condition and well-being:

  1. Irritability, rapid fatigue, constantly low mood.
  2. Feelings of restlessness, anxiety, inner tension.
  3. Deterioration of concentration and memory.
  4. Decreased ability to work, apathy.
  5. Lack of appetite or, conversely, increased cravings for certain unhealthy foods (sweets, fast food).
  6. Insomnia, feeling wrecked in the morning.
  7. Headaches, pain in the heart and solar plexus (stomach) area after severe anxiety.

Recommendations on preventing and overcoming stressful situations

There are a huge variety of ways to prevent stress. But to use them, you must first find the cause of your destructive stress. Think about what it is that throws you off balance. People tend to constantly step on the same rake. Perhaps you need to make some drastic changes in your life? It’s often said that what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. But if we are talking about constant stress, then everything is for the time being… If you do not deal with yourself, sooner or later you will have to treat diseases caused by stress.

To prevent stress, you need to be able to plan your life, understand what you will be doing in a year and in five years. Set yourself a goal, build a strategy to achieve it, and calmly act according to the plan. Yes, there are bound to be obstacles and problems along the way. We can’t always influence them. But we can change our attitude to them. And not to be nervous for nothing. And to protect against stress, you can also take complexes of the Bestia line.

The “worst that can happen” strategy works well. If you are in trouble at work, the worst that can happen is that you will be fired or your salary will not be paid, or you will lose your bonus. Think about the fact that you will still have a lot of work in your life, all the money in the world will not earn, and that in a few months everyone will forget about this episode, including you. So why be nervous?

Stress forces many people into a corner, but you can’t overcome it alone. It is better, on the contrary, to call an old friend, your parents – people with whom you enjoy communicating. Whether you need to share your problems with them, to speak out – the question is individual. For some people, it may well serve as excellent psychotherapy.

Prevent professional stress – a pen and a notebook (tablet, computer). Keep a diary, record your impressions and feelings in it – it helps to analyze them. If the boss reprimands you, immediately write down his words. This reaction will cause his surprise and reduce anger. And you will calm down and the stress will disappear.

BESTIA Calm and active

Упаковки Бестиа

To prevent occupational stress at the time of its culmination, it is important not to be hungry and/or sleep-deprived and tired. A light snack and 15 minutes of rest before a difficult conversation can protect the cells of the nervous system, heart, stomach and other organs from damage caused by upset, unspoken resentment, anger. The appropriate Bestia complexes can help to support these target organs in a targeted manner.

In children, resistance to stress is formed even before school. At this time, the psychological climate in the family and unconditional love of parents are very important. It is important that they do not suppress the independence and initiative of the child, without unnecessary hyperopaedics allow him to express himself. Such upbringing is the key to preventing stress in children and adolescents.

To combat stress, both women and men should think about good things every day. In the evenings, take 10 minutes alone to sit quietly and remember all the positive things that happened during the day. Not necessarily with you – with loved ones, colleagues, acquaintances, the country. This is a great way to energize yourself for positivity!

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