Peculiarities of stress in men

стресс у мужчин

“Boys don’t cry” – this is how future men are brought up in accordance with the stereotypes that exist in society. A representative of the stronger sex is “not supposed” to show emotions, which means that all the psychological negativity caused by stress accumulates and destroys his body from the inside. The main features of stress in men are connected with this.

Causes of stress in men

Traditionally, a man should be the breadwinner and protector, and the family should be like a stone wall behind him. In reality, it is very problematic to meet these criteria, but many men find it difficult to accept equal, partner relations in marriage. This internal contradiction is a source of constant stress.

In general, a man may be in perpetual stress because his wife earns more. And his mother-in-law reproaches him with this, and his children ask for money for new gadgets, and the car needs to be repaired… At home, there is not always sympathy and understanding. And then there is the boss, sometimes demanding the impossible, or subordinates who are always doing something wrong. At the same time, a man, solving everyday problems, trying not to give an outlet for negative emotions. Such male stress leads to the death of nerve cells, undermines strength and health.

Symptoms of stress in men

The result of men being in a state of chronic stress is their increased irritability and even aggressiveness. In such a state, male drivers, for example, start up with half a turn on the road: honking, scolding other road users. Sometimes they take out their anger on close people – this is how family quarrels and conflicts break out.

Constant stress reduces the physical and mental performance of men. But chronic fatigue develops, memory and concentration deteriorate. Against the background of stress is also possible increased hair loss. Although the process of baldness is hormonally conditioned, mental stress can accelerate it.

The effects of stress in men

Due to hormonal features, stress has a stronger effect on the cardiovascular system of men than women. That is why at a relatively young age, after 35-40 years old, many of them develop atherosclerosis and arterial hypertension, resulting in myocardial infarction or brain stroke.

The consequences of stress in men include gastritis and gastric and duodenal ulcers in the absence of Helicobacter infection. Very often because of a long-term stress factor in men sleep is disturbed and potency decreases.

BESTIA Calm and active

Упаковки Бестиа

Prevention and ways to deal with stress in men

How to relieve stress for a man, knows almost every one of them: with the help of alcohol! Smoking is no less popular, they say, it helps to calm down and relax. Another “way” – unhealthy, but tasty food: fatty, fried, spicy dishes. In fact, such methods do not help to fight stress, but, on the contrary, aggravate its consequences. Unfortunately, compared to women, men pay much less attention to their health, so their life expectancy is shorter.

How can a man get rid of stress without harming his body? The answer is banal – you need to lead a healthy lifestyle and learn to give a safe outlet for negative emotions. Sports and hobbies – fishing, working in the garden, traveling – help with this.

There are also special stress vitamins for men, for example in the Bestia range. The state of the nervous system is normalized mainly by B vitamins, as well as magnesium and plant extracts. When taken as a course – just once a day in the morning for 1 month – Bestia stress vitamins help men to become more balanced, restrained and at the same time calm and active.

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