What is stress?


Canadian endocrinologist Hans Sellier, known to the world as the creator of the stress theory, wrote: “Stress is the flavor and taste of life. Since stress is associated with an activity, only those who do nothing can avoid it. But who enjoys a life without daring, without success, without mistakes?” So let us understand what stress is, how it is useful and harmful.

Systemic and psychic

By type, stress can be systemic, i.e. triggering physiological response of the organism to trauma, inflammation, infection, etc., as well as psychic, related to the reaction of the nervous system to various stimuli. Both intense sadness and incredible joy are stress factors for a person at the psychological level. It is this state, in fact, that we are used to calling stress.

Hans Sellier also introduced the terms “eustress” and “distress” into scientific circulation. The first one means short-term changes in the organism aimed at optimal adaptation to drastically changed conditions. This is a useful stress, which gives us vitality, helps us overcome difficulties. But distress is harmful, because it lasts too long, so the adaptation mechanisms of the body exhaust their resource. It is distress that we usually consider stress, because its causes are associated with nervousness and negative emotions.

Who is experiencing stress?

Every day we have a lot of reasons to worry, especially people who work hard and lead an active lifestyle. The boss got up on the wrong side of the bed and scolded you for something small, your partners let you down, and you had to work in emergency mode. And the school is called because the child has done something wrong. All such things usually happen cyclically and consistently, and it seems that the black streak will never end….

Everyone has their own stresses, but the consequences are always the same: we constantly feel restless, anxious, dizzy, headaches, become too irritable, lose sleep and appetite. People who can afford at any moment to leave all the affairs and rest, relax, it is easier to overcome stress. However, most of us live in a state of constant time pressure. This is, in fact, everyone who works or studies (often – in parallel with part-time jobs). There is no time not only to take a day or two off, but even to get a good night’s sleep. Handing in reports, exams, urgent matters, fulfillment of promises and assignments… In the evening you feel like a squeezed lemon. And the very thought that tomorrow morning all this “merry-go-round” will start again, it becomes creepy. From such a nervous load can and get sick! If all this is about you, there is no doubt that you are in a state of distress. Older people also suffer from it: they are nervous because of their chronic illnesses, afraid of becoming a burden to their relatives or being alone.

Bestia will come in handy

When a person feels that he has reached the limit, he goes to the pharmacy and asks for something sedative. In such cases, it is necessary to focus on the peculiarities of well-being. The fact is that distress “hits” certain organs and systems. Therefore, someone aggravates digestive problems (gastritis, peptic ulcer), someone begins to feel the heart (rapid pulse, rhythm disturbance), and many simply lose sleep. In such cases, the means of the Bestia line based on valerian and other medicinal herbs will come in handy. There is a special Bestia to soothe and support the stomach, a Bestia for an agitated heart, and two Bestia products for insomnia: one with melatonin and the other with magnesium and B vitamins.

Bestia is a stress buster!

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