Peculiarities of stress in women

стресс у женщин

Women are more susceptible to stress than men because they are more emotional by nature. What for a member of the stronger sex is nothing, not worthy of attention, for the weaker sex is a huge problem, poisoning life. So what are the characteristics of female stress and how to overcome it?

Causes of stress in women

In the fair sex, the causes of stress are largely determined by the period of life.

Teenage girls and young girls are frustrated by real or perceived problems with their appearance. The presence of acne and other such minor troubles is not just stressful, and generates in many of them a strong belief in their own unattractiveness. Another stressor is the relationship with peers, which is often not friendly. Want someone to like someone, to assert themselves, to take a worthy place in society. This is hindered by gossip, envy, petty harm and open bullying. Stresses sometimes harm girls much more seriously than their parents may think.

For young women, stress is related to the fact that at that age, according to the stereotype, you have to have a career, get married and have a child. If something does not work out in any of these three spheres, it is a reason for constant self-examination and self-abuse. However, even the successful birth of a child due to hormonal changes can be a cause of stress, or rather, postpartum depression.

As a woman ages, the stress hormone cortisol becomes more abundant in her body. It causes feelings of fatigue, tension, nervous excitement and accelerates aging. But the sex hormone estrogen becomes less, which triggers the process of transition to menopause. The first bells that indicate that youth has already passed, also add stress to a woman’s life.

Symptoms of stress in women

At first, stress causes women’s psycho-emotional state disorders. This is increased irritability, anxiety, sharp mood swings, suspiciousness, decreased self-esteem. As stress worsens, more and more often its signs are manifested on a physical, bodily level. Such symptoms of stress include muscle tension, tightness, increased sweating, headache, dizziness, spikes in blood pressure (vegetovascular dystonia). Against the background of stress can be menstrual disorders, decreased immunity (frequent colds), deterioration of sleep and appetite. Stress also “hits” the target organs: the heart and stomach, causing pain and discomfort in them, as well as the brain – it disrupts connections between nerve cells and the passage of impulses through them.

The effects of stress in women

The most common consequence of stress in women is weight gain. Many of them, if not most of them, eat cakes and sweets to nourish their stress, and it makes their souls feel better for a short time. The other extreme is anorexia and bulimia, when under the influence of stress a woman loses touch with reality in the pursuit of a perfect figure.

Well, the main consequences of stress are various diseases. Cardiovascular diseases hold the palm of superiority, followed by digestive disorders, inflammatory processes, hormonal disorders, etc. The main consequences of stress are various diseases.

BESTIA Calm and active

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Prevention and ways to deal with stress in women

To relieve stress, a woman should get more rest and change her occupation. So, if her work is “sedentary”, then after it it is necessary to walk, take a breath of air. And vice versa: after a working shift on your feet it is desirable to relax, sit on a bench in the park, admiring the beauty of nature.

Any physical activity – exercise, yoga, cleaning the house to upbeat music – distracts you from negative thoughts and helps you get rid of stress. It is also useful in this regard to learn to control your emotions and true desires. If at the end of the day is a strong desire for sweets, you should try to find the reason for this craving. Perhaps you are offended by someone for an unfair act towards you. In this case, it is better not to eat chocolate, but to think about a strategy to avoid such a thing in the future or to teach the offender a lesson.

A good measure to prevent the negative impact of stress on a woman’s body is to take vitamins and extracts of medicinal plants with a calming effect. Such complexes are available in the Bestia line – with magnesium, B vitamins that normalize the nervous system, valerian and passiflora extracts. You can choose a Bestia complex that will help eliminate specific effects of stress, depending on the state of a woman’s body.

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