The impact of stress on the body, what are the dangerous consequences

влияние стресса на организм

Most of us are in a state of permanent stress, but we don’t realize it. It manifests itself in different ways in people. One yells at colleagues and loved ones. The second complains that he does not sleep well. The third does not know how to get rid of headaches. The fourth is constantly in a bad mood, everything irritates him. All these are signs of the impact of stress on the body, which can be dangerous.

Psychosomatic illnesses

The consequences of prolonged stress can cause the development of psychosomatic diseases. If any trifle drives to frenzy, a person is constantly in nervous tension, experiencing anxiety, insecurity, this psychological state is bound to manifest itself at the physical level, for example, headache and insomnia. In addition, in society it is customary to restrain one’s negative emotions. A person should always smile, show that everything is fine. Social standards require that he constantly wears this mask. And if a person can not express his real emotions in words, his body will “speak”. Adrenaline release increases, vasospasm develops, and when these factors act for a long time, arterial hypertension (increased blood pressure) or cardiac arrhythmia may appear at a fairly young age.

Very often, various failures and problems create stress, which manifests itself in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, primarily gastritis, cholecystitis, gastric and duodenal ulcers. There are certain signs that stress has led to them. First, if the examination shows not too pronounced pathological changes, and a person complains of severe pain and has to follow a diet for normal well-being. Such an ailment is not detected on ultrasound by chance. Secondly, a psychosomatic disorder is indicated by an increase in symptoms after certain emotions.

Special attention to the state of the nervous system

In cases where diseases are caused by psychosomatic disorders due to prolonged stress, conventional drug therapy is not effective enough. The diagnosis seems to be correct, appropriate treatment has been carried out, laboratory tests show an improvement in the condition, but the person still feels bad. This means that means are needed that will affect the nervous system, protecting the body from the destructive effects of stress. This is what the Bestia line is designed for, where there are complexes, the action of which is aimed at certain disorders that have arisen due to stress. Their names speak about the specifics of action: Bestia Calm Stomach, Bestia Melatonin, Bestia Calm to an agitated heart, Bestia Calm Sleep, Bestia Calm and Active, etc.

BESTIA Calm and active

Упаковки Бестиа

7 signs that you need to take Bestia

  1. The person has experienced a negative situation (layoff, divorce, quarrel) that has caused powerful and long-lasting anxiety that interferes with normal life.
  2. He cannot cope with his irritability, temper, nervousness, and it becomes a problem in the family and at work.
  3. Women aged 45 and older who suffer from severe mood swings associated with the onset of menopause.
  4. At high loads, the person had a feeling of helplessness, vague anxiety, it is difficult for him to collect himself, to concentrate attention.
  5. Autonomic dystonia with signs such as dizziness and palpitations, dry mouth, pale face, and sweating.
  6. Sleep disturbance – insomnia, waking up too early, feeling wrecked in the morning.
  7. Unexplained discomfort, feeling of cramping in the region of the heart, stomach, abdomen, etc.
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