Stress Relief Techniques

снятие стресса

“We have to do something” – that’s what each of us says to ourselves when we realize that we have already reached the limit. If everything is annoying, there is no strength, fatigue and anxiety do not let go – it means that stress overwhelms a person. How to resist it?

Causes of stress

The modern rhythm of life leaves us no chance for calm, measured and unhurried. Every working day is almost minute by minute. Everything needs to be done, not to be late, to be able to strain, to fulfill… Day after day we spin like a squirrel in a wheel, and do not think that we are constantly in a state of psychological stress. Even rest is now in fashion “active” – you need to travel, attend different events, take time for some hobbies. If someone allows himself to relax on the couch, to do nothing all day long, it is considered a mauvais in society.

Everyone has their own reasons for stress: change of job or place of residence, family problems, financial problems, excessive demands of management or close people. Perfectionists – people for whom it is important to do everything perfectly, to be the first in everything – are especially at risk of becoming victims of stress.

Relieving stress, anxiety and nervous tension is not an easy task. First, you need to realize that you are in a state of stress and think about how you can overcome it. 

Ways and principles of overcoming stress

1. Take note of the situations in which you get nervous, irritated. Usually they are repetitive. Perhaps this is due to the fact that you commit the same actions, as if attracting negativity. If you somehow break the stereotype, everything will be different, and therefore your emotions will change.

2. Positive thinking for stress relief is hard to master, but you can start by learning to stop constantly expecting “everything will be bad”. Live here and now, enjoy the momentary: good weather, a child’s smile, your luck in some everyday little things. And solve problems as they come.

3. Use psychological ways to protect yourself from stress in the workplace. For example, if you are criticized too harshly and unfairly, imagine that a glass wall has grown between that person and you. You see him, but you can not hear. He ridiculously opens his mouth, gesticulates, but his words do not touch you. You can imagine your offender with horns, wearing silly clothes, singing a funny song, etc.

BESTIA Calm and active

Упаковки Бестиа

4. Take time out. No matter how busy you are, find a way to carve out a day or two to relax. Get a good night’s sleep, spend some time in nature. Socializing, playing with children and pets – great methods of stress relief. By the way, in the woods you can shout out everything you would like to say to people who annoy and stress you out.

5. Learn to breathe correctly. During stress, a person breathes frequently and intermittently because of internal tension. In a calm state, our breathing is measured, inhalations and exhalations – shallow. If overwhelmed by anger, fear, resentment, you can concentrate on your breathing. Close your eyes and imagine how the air enters through the nose, warms up, slowly moves through the airways. Such a simple meditation for 10 minutes will help to relieve stress, as well as chanting the sound “om”.

6. Choose a suitable complex from the Bestia range. It is not only ways of psychological support that help to overcome stress, but also sedatives. It’s not enough to say to yourself: “I’m calm, I’m perfectly calm,” if everything is boiling inside. Bestia will help to gently reduce the excitability of the nervous system, normalize sleep, as well as the functions of the heart and stomach. Components of all means of the series are selected so that they do not cause daytime sleepiness. Bestia helps to keep both calm and active.

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