Autumn depression: symptoms, causes, treatment

Осенняя депрессия

We live in a time of change, so depression is a companion of our time. Many people get it in the fall, when the vacation is already over, and the next one is still a long way off. Ahead of only endless gray everyday life! Adds melancholy and the fact that there are practically no sunny days, the weather is dull and rainy. What to do when the fall depression begins?

Causes and symptoms of the onset of fall depression

The name itself – fall depression – seems to indicate its exact origin. However, to link the causes of moping, which lasts from September to November-December, only with the change of seasons would be too much of an oversimplification. Yes, overcast weather and short daylight hours are unpleasant, but not to the point where one feels literally miserable. Under the mask of fall depression, stress is usually hidden, because fall, the end of the year is always a high business season, a time of hard work and increased workloads.

Autumn depression is equally common in men and women. Even teenagers and young people show signs of it: they complain that in the morning they do not want to leave the house and have no energy to study. People of age with chronic diseases, the more so feel the deterioration of well-being in the fall, as well as anxiety and depression.

The main symptoms of autumn depression, such as irritability, lack of energy, low mood, drowsiness, reduced efficiency and concentration are familiar to almost all of us. This is certainly not what psychiatrists call major depressive disorder, when a person loses interest in everything, including the pleasures that used to delight him. But frequent or constant stay in such a depressed mood indicates that there is a certain imbalance in the body and it must be eliminated to remove the fall depression.

How to fight fall depression

Healthy sleep (go to bed early!), physical activity and activity in general can help you get through a difficult period – you can’t hide in your shell to replay over and over again in your head what worries and depresses you. Be out in public, take more walks in all weathers (nature doesn’t have bad weather – only inappropriate clothes).

To get rid of autumn depression, more often arrange small holidays: buy yourself and loved ones updates, albeit inexpensive, communicate with friends, go to the cinema, theater, museum.

To fight fall depression, it is also useful to eat more fruits and vegetables. The fall diet should definitely include “sunny” products – pumpkin, apples, carrots, bell peppers, honey, citrus fruits, as well as porridge from whole-grain cereals and other products with adaptogen properties.

It is useful to support the body with vitamins, minerals and plant extracts. For example, complexes of the Bestia line – with magnesium, B vitamins, valerian, etc. – can help to overcome autumn depression. Bestia is not only vitamins for fall depression, but also means to overcome the effects of stress, such as insomnia, unpleasant sensations in the stomach, heart. Bestia helps to restore good mood and normal well-being even in the grayest and gloomiest days.

BESTIA Calm and active

Упаковки Бестиа

Preventing fall depression

To avoid fall depression, it is important after the summer vacation to engage in work not too abruptly, and increase the load gradually. Do not try to “clear” all the “rubble” that has accumulated during your absence from work in the first few days. Make a plan of action and calmly follow it. Remember: you should not put off for tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow!

Another sure-fire way to prevent fall depression is to reminisce about your vacation. Share with your friends and coworkers impressions of your vacation, show them your photos. And at home for loved ones organize sessions to view all that on the phone or camera filmed for the spring and summer. People who are able to be happy for colleagues and loved ones feed each other with positive energy, and it drives away the fall malaise.

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