You don't want to be a vegetable after a sedative?

Бестиа спокойствие и активность

BESTIA Calm and active

Бестиа Спокойствие взволнованному сердцу

BESTIA Tranquility to an agitated heart

Бестиа Спокойствие в желуке

BESTIA Calmness in the stomach

Бестиа Спокойный сон

BESTIA A restful sleep

Бестиа Спокойствие взволнованному сердцу

BESTIA Tranquility to an agitated heart


Bestia is a complex-acting sedative with no loss of activity

BESTIA успокоительное средство
бестия успокоительное с сохранением активности
бестия успокоительное
бестия успокоительное
бестия оф сайт
бестия оф сайт
официальный сайт бестия
официальный сайт бестия
бестия оф сайт
Новое успокоительное Бестия
BESTIA баланс спокойствия

BESTIA – Balance of Calmness and Activity

Sometimes problems grow like a snowball. During this period it is impossible to get rid of fatigue, anxiety is constantly bothering, irritability and depression cannot be overcome. And insomnia, headache, unpleasant sensations in the heart or stomach area aggravate this condition.

Gradually stress turns into neurosis or somatization stage – serious diseases of internal organs appear. This is where most people start treatment, although it should have been done earlier, at the first appearance of stress, to restore mental balance.

A soft-acting sedative from the Bestia range is optimal for this purpose. Any such sedative contains plant extracts and essential oils, other substances of natural origin, vitamins, etc. All complexes have a different composition, which makes each such sedative aimed at a specific health problem.

The dietary supplement Bestia is designed to combat the effects of stress, which can be dangerous to your health. There are 5 complexes in the Bestia line, and it is necessary to understand to whom and which of them are best suited. This depends on their composition, which determines the peculiarities of action.


успокоительное бестия
Бестия таблетки
бестия успокоительное

In stressful situations

Танцущая девушка

For stressful situations at home and with children

Бестия успокоительное при стрессе на работе
БЕСТИЯ капсулы успокоительного
бестия успокоительное

When you're stressed out at work

Бестия при вождении авто в стрессовых ситуациях, в пробках

When driving in stressful situations, in traffic jams

What is the specialty of BESTIA sedation?

Bestia remedies have many advantages: due to their release in the form of innovative liposomal capsules, their sedative effect is fast.

When you take it, you literally feel the tension release and it becomes easier.

Valerian, peppermint, passiflora, chamomile, magnesium, B vitamins, phospholipids and other natural substances relieve nervous tension, eliminate spasms of blood vessels and smooth muscles, improve sleep, appetite and digestion, normalize heart rate, give vigor.

Any Bestia sedative helps to adapt to difficult conditions, without drowsiness and lethargy to survive the black streak of stress and improve health. A person stops being nervous, becomes more collected, calm and active. Another important plus in favor of Bestia – these sedatives act without the effect of addiction, so there is no need to increase their dosage in the course of taking them.

stimulation of normal nervous system function

physiological functioning of nerve cells

stress reduction

reduction of depressive symptoms

reduced anxiety

dopamine release – mood regulator

Why choose Bestia?

Bestia новое успокоительное

A new sedative

Бестия можно принимать каждый день

You can take it every day

Бестия без сонливости и без вялости

No drowsiness, no lethargy

Бестия восстанавливает нормальную работу нервной системы

Restores the normal function of the nervous system

Новое успокоительное Бестия

No components of central brain action

For most people who feel mental stress, depression, anxiety, increased fatigue, suffer from insomnia, stomach and heart pain, Bestia complexes may be the remedies of first choice.

These sedatives are not only innovative, but also have no side effects or contraindications, which is why they are sold over-the-counter in pharmacies.

Only individual hypersensitivity to individual components is possible.

If you are easily irritated, shout at others, or, on the contrary, with great effort restrain the manifestation of negative emotions, i.e. if you feel that without medication support you are no longer able to cope with your nerves – choose «your» Bestia complex: Bestia Calm and Active, Bestia Calm Sleep, Bestia Calm Stomach, Bestia Calm to an agitated heart, Bestia Melatonin.

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LIPOCAP technology

Ускоренное высвобождение действующих веществ Bestia

Accelerated release of active ingredients

Сверхточная дозировка Bestia

Ultra-precise dosing

Доставка ингредиентов адресно в нервные клетки Bestia

Delivery of ingredients targeted to nerve cells

Защита ингредиентов от агрессивного воздействия желудочного сока Bestia

Protection of ingredients from the aggressive effects of gastric juice

Frequent questions

What ingredients are included in Bestia sedatives?

Bestia is a line of 5 products. The composition of each of them is aimed at solving one or another problem related to stress. Bestia helps to calm and eliminate various reactions of the body to stress – anxiety, irritability, insomnia, discomfort in the heart, stomach. Bestia contains natural components – plant extracts, vitamins, essential oils and others.

Features of the sedative Bestia

The main feature of Bestia sedative complexes lies in their form of release – they are innovative liposomal capsules. The active components of Bestia are inside microspheres with a lipid shell similar to the membranes of living cells of the nervous system. These microspheres easily penetrate into the cells, and the active substances from them immediately, literally in 2 minutes begin to act.

How to properly take the sedative Bestia

Bestia is recommended to take 1-2 capsules a day. And you can do it not for prophylaxis, but when you need to calm down, relieve unpleasant sensations in the heart, stomach, etc.

Is Bestia compatible with alcohol?

It is undesirable to take Bestia together with alcohol.

Is it safe to take Bestia while driving a car?

Bestia Calm and Active can be taken by people planning to drive vehicles and operate precise mechanisms. The calming effect of this complex is not accompanied by drowsiness and lethargy. On the contrary, thanks to Bestia Calm and Active, vigor is restored.

Can Bestia be taken by pregnant women?

Bestia is not recommended for use during pregnancy or breastfeeding unless recommended by your doctor.

Can you buy Bestia without a prescription?

Yes, all Bestia products are available in pharmacies and specialty stores without a prescription.
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